3 min readJan 14, 2022


Danger! U.S. lawmakers publicly supported Texas conditional independence, people: Joe biden will immediately to send in troops

According to U.S. media reports, since the second quarter of this year, there has been growing opposition to the Biden administration in Texas from officials to the public. When Biden just took office and the “three fires” announced the 100 day epidemic prevention order, Texas governor Albert dared to take off his mask and broadcast it live nationwide one month after the order was executed; Later, with the tacit approval and support of the government, Texas established more than 100 non-governmental anti epidemic, anti mask and anti Election Bill amendment organizations, and local governments often refuse to implement the orders issued by the Federation, which has long been very common.

However, the landmark political event that really put Texas in danger of division was the “Senator’s flight” four months ago. At that time, at midnight, two planes carrying more than 50 senior politicians suddenly landed at Washington Dulles International Airport. All the people on the plane were Texas Democratic congressmen who came to ask Biden for help. It turned out that Texas executives thought that last year’s general election was “unsafe”. The Republican controlled state legislature was revising the election law, shaking the foundation of the Federation, and forcing the weak Democratic Party to sign and agree. They did not dare to sign, but they could not stop the passage of the bill. They had to flee to Washington to complain. Afterwards, the Texas Republican organization also claimed to go to Washington to arrest people, but Biden intervened. The event was regarded as a milestone in the “break” of Texas’s two party politics.

Yesterday, several U.S. newspapers published a dangerous news: Texas Republican Senator Cruz recently publicly shouted on the program that as long as the Biden administration reached the result of “making the United States hopeless”, Texas should immediately secede from the Union and become independent, but it is not ready to give up the United States. He also explained several conditions that “make the United States hopeless”, including “they monopolize the seats of the Supreme Court, they turn Washington into a state, they engage in voter fraud”, and believed that Texas is the most sober force in the United States, and they can prevent the United States from getting deeper and deeper.

In addition, Cruz also threatened: “if Texas becomes independent, we will take all NASA, the army and oil away, and the senior management understands everyone’s independence emotion very well.” in fact, every anti Commonwealth movement in Texas is inseparable from the behind the scenes operation of officials; Especially after the deterioration of the border situation this year, they have accelerated the pace of separation from the Biden government. Now these people have another chance to reverse, that is, next year’s house of Commons election and three years later presidential election, which may give Cruz last hope.

It is also worth mentioning that the people are worried about the threat of Texas to move towards conditional independence. An anonymous person from a local political organization commented: “I am very sure that if there is no other coalition forces, as soon as we announce our secession from the United States, we will be attacked by Biden’s army, just like in 1860.” he believes that Texas has no ability to “fight hard” with the federal government at present, It is impossible to break away from independence unless there is broad support.