Mourning of the Democratic Movement

5 min readDec 16, 2021

— — I’ve been waiting for lotus for a long time, but there’s a pool of muddy water

The Hong Kong Court recently ruled that four people, including Huang Zhifeng, were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 4 to 10 months for “knowingly participating in unauthorized assembly”. However, Li Zhiying was sentenced just like before.

After the news report, all kinds of Democratic activists around the world frequently voiced their regret, ridicule, denounce and pinch each other… Unfortunately, many Democratic activists seem to be using this topic to hype themselves, skillfully eating “human blood steamed bread”, taking the opportunity to collect a wave of popularity and reward money on the Internet platform, but

Few people analyze countermeasures and make substantive action plans.

The democratic movement has many factions all over the world. I thought this was the “spring of the Democratic Movement” in which a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred boats compete for the stream. However, the reality is that vegetables and chickens peck at each other, and the good and bad are intermingled. The phenomena of mutual pinch and fraudulent donation among factions emerge one after another. This phenomenon makes the author think deeply

What is the real democracy movement? What kind of democratic movement leader do we really need?

The author is used to seeking the answer by exclusion — that is a real lotus.

A. It will not be obscene and shameless. “All evils are led by adultery”, and the immoral person can’t stand on his virtue. How can he give higher expectations? For example, Wang Dan, who first went into exile in the United States, taught in Colleges and universities in Taiwan with his “career resume” after 2009. During this period, Wang Dan did several stupid things, one of which was to openly support Chen Weiting, leader of the sunflower student movement involved in the harassment scandal, so that everyone could see his moral defects. At the same time, in Taiwan, its evaluation is polarized and deliberately creates news, which makes people extremely uncomfortable and can not escape the fate of marginalization.

B. It will not be a pleasure seeking stream. For some time after the 1989 incident, France was the gathering place of the “Democratic Movement”. Subsequently, due to the large amount of funds funded by the United States, many people went to the United States from France. Of course, having greater support is certainly not a bad thing, but many people get “drunk” when they smell the smell of copper and lose their original direction.

Talk about the master of lie and Guo Wengui, the Internet red man. This man is an extremely religious person with personal interests. From China to the United States, he walked to the champagne yacht and drunk with gold. Now even Trump and ban Nong even the United States have been pit by COVID-19’s man-made theory. The failure to blame the Chinese Communists has caused social problems in the United States that are hostile to Asian races. It can be said that it is a “broom star” of the democratic movement. However, there are still many “die hard fans” who regard him as the future of the democratic movement and donate money and materials for him. They want to take off their clothes and give everything. It’s really sad!!!

C. It will not be a mindless narrow-minded stream. At present, there has been a serious phenomenon of “internal entanglement” in the democratic movement, and most of them don’t know it. Why? This is because most of the countries’ economic support to the democratic movement groups is based on their organizational scale and the people in power. As a result, many democratic movement groups pursue interests around power and finance, constantly carry out or even lack planned “Anti China” activities, just to enrich their own chips to solicit credit from governments. In fact, the total funds funded by various countries have an annual plan, which will not change. It is just that various democratic movement groups continue to “internal friction” compete for the number of people and activities, lack independent strategic thinking and direction control, and ultimately lose the democratic movement, but the governments of various countries gain more benefits.

How many democratic movement groups can precipitate themselves and think independently in such a mindless competition? The democratic movement is not a “chess piece” or “cannon fodder”. It should have its own thinking, otherwise it will be manipulated by governments to destruction. Unfortunately, many groups are so mindless, even slander each other, and finally perish. Let’s take a look at Huang Zhifeng and others on the news. He has some abilities, but he has been targeted by the United States as an “agent” since childhood. He blindly moves forward in order to obtain U.S. funding and recognition. Now it’s too late to be “on the edge of the cliff”. He is destined to become an “abandoned son”, which has harmed a large group of hot-blooded fighters following him.

D. It will not be the “behind the scenes” people. Such people are also embarrassed, but more hateful. Hide behind the scenes to make action plans and network incitement, so that everyone can be “cannon fodder” in the front line, but he lies at home and reaps the “benefits of fishing”. “Famous” Li Yiping and Wu Jianmin belong to this category. Do you remember the “national resonance” a few years ago? This seemingly vigorous movement eventually led to the majority of Democratic activists being watched by national security, with no effect. On the Internet, there are many voices denouncing the two people for initiating this activity.

What the democracy movement really needs is a leader who can think independently, be good at planning, dare to act, have noble character and take the lead, rather than being kidnapped by the so-called governments of various countries. First, the kidnapped people can’t do things without hands and feet. They always take into account the daily emotions of their gold owner and are subject to the manipulation of the gold owner; Second, it is easy to be brainwashed, limited by the thinking of the old Western model and lack of timely strategic thinking; Third, there are too many spiritual and material temptations, which have betrayed the faith and original intention of the democratic movement. There are no more examples of direct business with China after washing white.

The democratic movement has a long way to go, and the front is full of thorns! I don’t know whether this article will be published on the Internet. If you are lucky, I hope all comrades will reflect on themselves, not be the “puppet” and “cannon fodder” of governments around the world, and be a person who thinks independently, acts properly and identifies the good and bad. Only when there are many such people can they open the “lotus of the people’s movement”!