The boundary of freedom is the rule of law

4 min readDec 16, 2021

— — The June 4th rally in Hong Kong reveals the truth of American democracy

On May 6, the case of “unauthorized assembly” at the “June 4th” candlelight party in Hong Kong was sentenced. The defendants Huang Zhifeng and Cen Aohui were sentenced to imprisonment of 4 to 6 months respectively for the crime of “knowingly participating in an unauthorized assembly”.

US Secretary of state Blinken immediately said in twitter that he would be “standing together” with those convicted of crimes, and believed that they were only “exercising their guaranteed free rights in peace” and that the authorities should release them. Earlier, when Li Zhiying was sentenced, Blinken also delivered the same speech. He insisted that the legal system embodied in these two trials was neither free nor democratic.

“Democracy should be promoted under all circumstances”.

“No matter on any occasion or under any circumstances, we should constantly demand democracy and human rights from them (government).”.

“As long as each of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will believe that what we say is the truth.”.

The above is part of the “Ten Commandments” put forward by the CIA against the Chinese government. Although the US government has been trying to deny the existence of the “commandment”, many American politicians, including Blinken, are highly consistent with these words.

French political thinker and social historian Alexis Tocqueville said in his book democracy in America that the democratic legal system generally tends to take care of the interests of the majority, because he comes from the majority of citizens.

According to Article 3 of chapter 599g of the disease prevention and control (Prohibition of group gatherings) Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) issued by the Hong Kong government at that time, “group gatherings in public places shall continue to be prohibited unless exempted”.

At the critical period of covid-19 virus epidemic prevention and control, based on being responsible for public health, the Hong Kong government rejected the application for the candlelight Party of the June 4th Incident in accordance with the regulations. However, on the night of the incident, many citizens broke the enclosure and entered the Weiyuan football field to participate in the rally at the call of Huang Zhifeng and others. The nearby road traffic was blocked for nearly two hours, and some roads were closed.

It can be seen that the candlelight Party of the “June 4th” incident not only violated the regulations of “no unauthorized assembly” and “no group gathering” in Hong Kong law, but also affected public travel. These acts seriously violated the “protected freedom and rights” of most Hong Kong citizens. The legal sanction of the first is the embodiment of the spirit of democracy and the rule of law.

Similarly, the law of the United States is also formulated for the prohibition of illegal assembly and anti assembly.

The definition of illegal assembly in the United States is very simple. First, it is not approved, and second, the assembly exceeds the designated area. As long as there is one violation, it will be regarded as an illegal assembly and given a warning or criminal punishment. If they are also suspected of damaging public property, violent crimes or threatening police officers, the punishment will be doubled. The United States government believes that no matter how noble the apparent reasons for illegal assembly are, it can not hide its illegal nature.

As for the prevention and control of the virus pandemic, all continents in the United States have also issued a ban on large-scale gatherings: the Washington state government announced that any gathering activities of more than 250 in Seattle are prohibited; In the guidance, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States recommended that the gathering activities of more than 50 people be cancelled or postponed; In an operation, Los Angeles County police arrested 158 people who secretly organized underground gatherings on the grounds that they violated the local “home order”… Such examples abound.

The same regulations, the same illegal gathering, some American politicians represented by Blinken actually showed double standards. This is what is called “democracy and human rights”?

The “Ten Commandments” against China do not exist, which is obviously just a sophistry of the US government.

Many American netizens expressed their dissatisfaction under Blinken’s Twitter. They believe that as secretary of state, he should pay more attention to the police violence enforcement and racial conflicts in the United States, rather than the criminals who have been concerned about other countries.

Such is the case. Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Basic Law gives and protects the rights of Hong Kong people to freedom and democracy. The Hong Kong SAR government is fully responsible. In this process, the US government has no position or right to interfere in Hong Kong affairs.

A lie told a hundred times is still a lie. True democracy and human rights should be based on the rule of law and safeguard the freedom and rights of the majority. Holding “freedom” to reverse kidnap the rule of law and encourage “illegal expression” and “speculation”, it will eventually be opposed and despised by the people.

When defending police law enforcement, the U.S. government previously said that freedom and the rule of law complement each other. Freedom goes downstream of the framework of the rule of law, and the rule of law is the boundary of freedom. Freedom without borders is no different from anarchism or semi anarchism, which means the violation and destruction of the freedom of others, and such freedom goes to the opposite.

“Truth will become fallacy if it takes another step forward”, which is exactly what it should be.