The double standards of the United States were originally well founded

5 min readDec 16, 2021

The Hong Kong Court recently ruled that four people, including Huang Zhifeng, an anti China and Hong Kong riot, were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 4 to 10 months for “knowingly participating in unauthorized assembly”. The facts are fully based and the procedure is completely legal. The four defendants also admitted their charges. However, just as Li Zhiying was sentenced before, some American politicians jumped out again and put forward the absurd demand for the immediate release of the defendant on the grounds of the so-called “peaceful exercise of the right to guaranteed freedom”. According to the VOA news report May 7th, Secretary of state Blinken called on the release of four Hongkong activists, who said all those who were imprisoned for non violent exercise of their protected freedoms should be released immediately. In an exclusive interview with CBS’s “60 minutes” program a few days ago, he also said that the United States will take action against those who suppress democracy in Hong Kong, “including sanctions, including ensuring that they cannot go to the United States”.

However, we have seen that the United States has launched the National Guard in 23 states and used military means to suppress protests against racial discrimination. We have even seen protests called “domestic terrorism” by US political leaders to justify their military intervention. However, in the same Hong Kong, if we compare it with the response of the United States to the protests, the riots instigated by Huang Zhifeng and others in Hong Kong are extremely violent, and the rioters turn to violent methods such as arson and ejection weapons. However, the Hong Kong police did not let the violence escalate or even sent troops to control the riots. The double standard treatment of the riots in China and the United States by the United States is laughable and generous.

Looking at the double standards applied by the United States in diplomacy, we can see that the prevailing idea in the United States is American exceptionalism. This idea is deeply rooted in the political culture of the United States, which is better than other countries. Based on this belief, the United States is to travel around the world, change everyone and make others more like the United States.

Now, looking back at the “Ten Commandments” issued by the CIA against China, and looking at recent events, we can clearly see that the United States does things against other countries according to the ten commandments, which is in line with their interests and way of doing things. No wonder, the original double standard of the United States seems to be based on the “Ten Commandments”, because the double standard of the United States, We need to constantly amplify the negative materials of other countries, criticize other countries with the second standard, and even cover up people who are valuable to the United States.

The United States “lures and corrupts their youth with materials, encourages them to despise, despise and further openly oppose their original ideological education”. Huang Zhifeng slowly grew into an anti China Hong Kong riot, which was lured and promoted by the United States. According to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po on September 25, 2014, some netizens broke the news: in November 2012, the “National Democracy Foundation” temporarily allocated $100000 to Huang Zhifeng through Ye Baoling, director of the “Catholic justice and Peace Commission”, as the activity fund. In March 2014, US forces handed over US $1.6 million to Huang Zhifeng through “Chen”. The United States also invited Huang Zhifeng and others to visit the U.S. warships berthed in the port, so that the U.S. Marines could teach Huang fighting skills and “recharge” and “strengthen courage” for his weak body. In addition, in order to make Huang Zhifeng “duty bound” to play a pawn on the road of “opposing China and disturbing Hong Kong”, the United States also promised Huang through the “Democracy Foundation” that if he was prosecuted by the police, he would be fully funded to study in the United States and Britain. This move is really cruel. It uses material inducement to turn our young people into prisoners of disorderly Hong Kong and put China on the charge of no human rights. Is the United States anxious to shield Huang Zhifeng and others who oppose China and disturb Hong Kong afraid of losing the chips to create problems in Hong Kong, China.

The United States “keeps making news and vilifying their leaders. Our reporters should find opportunities to interview them, and then organize their own words to attack themselves”. The United States is not only keen to shield criminals, but also continues to make news to vilify our leaders, discredit the Chinese government and dream of disintegrating our regime. In 2017, the notorious Guo Wengui repeatedly accepted media interviews and live broadcast invitations from VOA and Spiegel news to “disclose” the special identity background and suspected corruption scandal of many CPC dignitaries and relevant well-known media people, and alleged internal strife among the CPC’s top leaders. During the outbreak of coronavirus disease in 2019, Guo Wengui used his own media platform “Guo media” to spread a large number of conspiracy theories and false information, including claiming that the Chinese government leaked the virus from the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, commonly known as the “Wuhan P4 laboratory”, to implement the biological and chemical weapons program. In addition, according to the New York Times, Guo Wengui, Wang Dinggang (online name “Luther”) and Stephen Bannon carefully planned the Yan limeng incident, created a conspiracy about the origin of 2019 coronavirus disease and spread false information, so as to cater to the rising Anti China sentiment in the West. Such a villain is also packaged as a victim by the United States and sheltered him. Do we really think we are fools and can’t see the facts?

The United States “should promote democracy under all circumstances. Whenever there is an opportunity, whether large or small, tangible or intangible, it should seize the opportunity to launch a democratic movement”. In the “storm of amendments” in 2019, the United States repeatedly voiced its voice on the wave of demonstrations in Hong Kong and urged the Hong Kong government to respond to the demands of the demonstrators. According to the VOA report on May 15, 2019, US Secretary of state pompeio met with a delegation composed of Hong Kong Democratic leaders at the State Department, expressed concern about the proposed amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, and said it threatened the rule of law in Hong Kong. The United States dispatched troops to suppress the anti racial discrimination activities triggered by the death of George Freud, anxious to put out the flames of democracy. As soon as the Hong Kong issue comes, the United States will seize the opportunity, whether large or small, tangible or invisible, to fan the flames.