They were forced to collective kneel down, but that’s not over

2 min readJan 14, 2022

Once upon a time, they are a lot of westerners tutor of the soul; But now, they are in front of many people, the collective kneel.

The noise of the scene, it happened in France. Kneel down, is the French Catholic clergy.

But they are innocent, because many of their colleagues, really is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Arguably, it is an impressive scandal. In accordance with the French in the survey, an independent commission from 1950 to 2020, there are at least 216000 children in the church clergy sexual abuse.

Please note: 216000, and was a child, was sexually assaulted.

Where is the child protection? Where is the human rights?

Not to mention, sexual abuse, or clergy people respect.

More let a person is angry, the truth, for decades was covered with the veil of the “silence”. After that report, at the Vatican Pope all declared that he was “sad”.

In this systematic crime, the French society out of anger. Under pressure from the outside world, the 120 members of the clergy, in lourdes, France this weekend, the collective kneel in public, begging for forgiveness from the outside.

Ceremony that day, and also held a ceremony, for a photograph “crying children” was unveiled.

The picture

But people accept the forgiveness?

The French media reports, even within the church is unacceptable.

Del Bosch priest had been abused as a child, had denounced the confession, in fact is a hoax, because of the more important is held accountable, to the criminal justice to the priest, you must first remove their church.

In the day of the ceremony, some protesters want the church to provide “4 R” — admits, responsibility, compensation and reform, recognition, responsibility, reparation and reform).

The picture

Must admit enough light, liability.

Bear the responsibility? Have to pay for it.

How to ensure that no similar tragedy? Must be reformed.

Finally, what do you think?

Not much said, the three sentences.

First of all, is shameless. Really impressive scandal, despicable is shit passport, some seemingly noble profession, but have the most dirty mind, and defraud trust to the weakest children laid hands on him. See the mood is bad.

Second, too hypocritical. Such a thing as in France? The AFP news agency said, sexual abuse, are common in the church. Of some countries are frequently criticized other countries, it should look at your home, take a look at the children cry, oneself do?

Third, all yet. If kneel down to solve the problem, that even legal? It is said that the French church is selling off property, ready to compensate.